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Well try this Steve Toon hand made acoustic for starters!

As you already know we do this for the love of music and a little bit of a living! We don't stock anything that does not meet our rigorous standards as professional musicians in any price bracket. Above we have our latest high end Guitar at Intersound, click the image for more details! This is a Steve Toon hand made beautiful Tivoli acoustic. We know Steve and he makes everything from scratch by hand. This in our opinion is one of the best instruments we have EVER had here; so much so that we have had to pay severe attention to the CCTV in store for our own staff! There are never two the same of these Guitars and the quality and finish are simply outstanding. Please feel free to enquire or play in store. We won't be selling these online unless explicitly asked to. We would much prefer you come and appreciate store. You won't be disappointed! This guitar is currently POA.

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Steve Toon Tivoli Acoustic Guitar

Brook Guitars....Hand Made in Devon these our one of our best selling acoustic guitars. Prices from £1800.

Current stocks are 7 and we have Creedy, Weaver, Lyn, Torridge and Taw to mention a few.

Brook Guitars

Larrivee Guitars...Made in California. Beautiful sounding instruments! These sell well here and prices start from £1600.

Current stocks include:

L-03, OM40R, L-02 and P-02

Larrivee Guitars

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